John Howell

President | TM Global LLC

John is a dynamic and seasoned senior executive with strong turnaround, management, and business development skills. His professional experience includes high-profile leadership roles in top-tier, international public and private sector organizations. He possesses deep industry knowledge in communications and has senior, current personal relationships in government, finance, health care, defense, intelligence, energy, and transportation. His proven track record of building and maintaining productive relationships with leaders and key, low profile decision- making personnel in both the public and private sectors has engendered respect from all levels of industry and government.

John has years of experience in planning, conducting, leading and supporting worldwide operations of strategic interest to the senior-most U.S. policymakers, while serving in the Central Intelligence Agency. There, and in his military career, he received multiple awards for exceptional performance worldwide.

Prior to his intelligence community involvement, John was both Airborne and Ranger Qualified. He is a Fulbright Scholar and alumnus of Davidson College, and is an active member of a number of U.S.-based corporate and civic boards, including the Lou Gehrig Society, the Wounded Warrior Corps and the MDA. He is fluent in Spanish and has working capabilities in Russian and Arabic languages.