John Steinmetz

Board Member

John Steinmetz founded TerraNova Capital Partners, Inc. in 1999. He runs the firm’s Investment Banking business and is a partner in the firm’s Merchant Banking operations. He has more than 30 years of experience in investment banking, venture capital and private equity capital, having completed in excess of 50 transactions for both public and private growth companies. He is a seasoned investment banker and serial entrepreneur.

In 1990, John co-founded Spencer-Trask Securities, Inc., an investment banking firm that has provided capital raising and advisory services to companies such as Myriad Genetics, NTN Communications, FirstCom Corporation, and Ciena Corporation.

Previously, beginning in 1983, he served as a capital markets specialist with several notable financial institutions, including Smith Barney and Douglas Barclay Investments, predominantly in direct equity and private placements.