Daniel L. Hodges
Board Chairman, CEO & Company Founder

Dan Hodges has a broad multi-disciplinary background including more than 20 years of experience in public markets as an underwriter for more than 200 publicly traded entities. The majority of his time was spent in corporate structure, construction of SEC filings, and M&A activity.

Hodges was also President and Chairman of a publicly traded oil & gas company for 2 years and then founded a coal mining company and ran it for 2 years.

In 2007, Dan procured nuclear battery patent applications from their inventor, finished initial research on the technology, and prosecuted them into issued patents in 2009 with an initial appraised value of over $25MM.

Dan has experience in positions as a US Defense Security Service ‘Facility Security Officer’ and ‘COMSEC Custodian’ and was certified by the NSA and DSS to undertake these duties. Lieutenant Colonel Hodges served for 26 years as a military member, retiring in 2014 as an F-16 Senior Flight Instructor in Tucson, Arizona. His final award prior to retirement was a Meritorious Service Medal, citing Lt. Col. Hodges as “one of the most valuable and capable instructors in the Wing.”

Dan holds two patents as (a) inventor of an AI & neural net driven “Method and System for a Grass Roots Intelligence Program” (Patent 7,944,357), and (b) one related to the potential uses of TM in radar. As an author, he wrote and published a volume titled “Future Span” covering current and future U.S. energy paradigms.

As founder and Chairman of Medusa International, he has built an organization from scratch consisting of 3 subsidiaries covering focus areas of Aerospace, Marine and Scientific/Space R&D.

John Howell
President | TM Global LLC

John is a dynamic and seasoned senior executive with strong turnaround, management, and business development skills. His professional experience includes high-profile leadership roles in top-tier, international public and private sector organizations. He possesses deep industry knowledge in communications and has senior, current personal relationships in government, finance, health care, defense, intelligence, energy, and transportation. His proven track record of building and maintaining productive relationships with leaders and key, low profile decision- making personnel in both the public and private sectors has engendered respect from all levels of industry and government.

John has years of experience in planning, conducting, leading and supporting worldwide operations of strategic interest to the senior-most U.S. policymakers, while serving in the Central Intelligence Agency. There, and in his military career, he received multiple awards for exceptional performance worldwide.

Prior to his intelligence community involvement, John was both Airborne and Ranger Qualified. He is a Fulbright Scholar and alumnus of Davidson College, and is an active member of a number of U.S.-based corporate and civic boards, including the Lou Gehrig Society, the Wounded Warrior Corps and the MDA. He is fluent in Spanish and has working capabilities in Russian and Arabic languages.

Brent M. Davies
CFO | TM Global LLC, Board Member

Brent M. Davies, CPA, CMA, CFO is a member of the Board of Directors of TM Technologies, Inc. and a part time employee of Robison, Hill & Co., APC, Certified Public Accountants.

He has previously served as CFO of Patient Central Technologies, Inc. and of CEO of Robison, Hill & Co. Brent graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Marketing and a B.S. in Management.

After serving as a manager in the S. S. Kresge Co. (K-Mart), he returned to school and received a B.S. in Accounting and a MBA (accounting option) from the University of Wyoming.

He is a Certified Management Accountant and has CPA certificates from California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. He has had more than 30 years of Diversified public accounting, industry and teaching experience, including national accounting firm auditing experience; serving as a controller of a small privately owned company; serving on the Board of Directors of several small public and private companies; and participating in accounting and marketing research projects that resulted in two of the articles which he wrote, being published in national magazines.

His initial involvement in the mining industry began in 1972 when he was employed by Commercial Shearing Inc. which was heavily involved in tunneling and mine roof support systems.

During his career in public accounting he has been involved with various oil and gas, coal, gold, silver, phosphate, sand and gravel mining companies as a consultant, tax preparer, auditor and in financial statement preparation. He has also served on the board of directors for two mining companies. He has taught various tax and accounting courses at the University of Wyoming and has been a frequent speaker at seminars and workshops sponsored by professional, civic and private groups.

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